We are Orai

An early-stage startup based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our team consists of students, young professionals, and robots. Okay fine, not actual robots, but we are in fact using artificial intelligence to help solve what is considered one of the largest fears in the world: Public Speaking. Our mission is to give people across the world the confidence and skills to speak more powerfully when on stage, in front of a room, or even in everyday life. After all, you're only as good as your word - and if the words aren't coming out right... well that would suck wouldn't it?


Achievements so far...


Microsoft U.S. Imagine Cup 2nd Place Winner, May 2017

• Drexel Business Plan Comp, Nov 2016 - 1st Place

• GSEA Pitch, Nov 2016 - 2nd Place

IBM SmartCamp, Nov 2016 - Finalist

TechCrunch DISRUPT San Francisco, Nov 2016 - Presentation

Shark Tank Auditions, Jun 2016 - 2nd Round

• PittJohnstown Live, Jun 2016 - 1st Place

• Baiada Business Model Comp, Jun 2016 - 2nd Place

• Oh-Penn Pitch, Apr 2016 - 1st Place

• Recess Pitch, Apr 2016 - 3rd Place

• Startupalooza, Mar 2016 - 3rd Place

• College Pitch Philly, Feb 2016 - 2nd Place

• Drexel Startup Day, Nov 2015 - 2nd Place

PennApps Hackathon, May 2015 - Top 10


That's over $60,000 in cash, credits, and prizes.