The Official Orai Blog: Why we created a public speaking app

Stripped down its absolute core, this is what Orai is for. I had always struggled with articulating my ideas since English was my second language and public speaking in this language was not my strong suit. This was until I sought professional help and attended Toastmasters where I learnt public speaking techniques which, through practice, enabled me to be much more articulate in my speech.

The discovery that public speaking is not an innate ability granted to some fortunate tongues. That it is instead a learnable skill, built by well-directed practice, is what led to the idea that a simple smartphone app could bridge babbling sentences to smooth speeches.

For me, it was improving my public speaking that enabled the welling of ideas to come to fruition. It was what inspired me to think of Orai and what enabled it to become more than just a concept.

The experience of Toastmasters showed me that public speaking was best improved by a few central tenets. One of these was positive reinforcement. During my second Toastmasters meeting, I was shocked to hear applause at my struggling speech, still plagued with “ums” and not very coherent. The hands were clapping not for an impeccable speech but for undeniable improvement. The knowledge that I was improving was the motivator. But to really improve required consistent practice. I would attend the club on a weekly basis to practice public speaking.

The third roadblock to improving speech was that people first had to acknowledge that they needed to. Toastmasters automatically solves this by providing a safe environment where participants openly admit that there is room for improvement in their speech. These empirical techniques: Positive Reinforcement, Practice and a Safe Space formed the building blocks of Orai:

A personal speech coach that shows you your improvement over time and gives you detailed feedback on the clarity, use of filler words, pace and energy of your speech. This is the Positive Reinforcement.

A personal speech coach that can seamlessly be accessed at any time and place, whenever you feel like you want to practice your speech. This is the Practice.

A personal speech coach that is your own, that you can use however you please and share with whoever you want. This is the Safe Space.

I freed my idea. Now free yours.

Danish Dhamani

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