Improve Your Speech Content and Delivery

Give your sales team a powerful voice.

Empower them to confidently sell your company's product.

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What is Orai?

Orai is an iOS app that leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to help salespeople improve their sales pitch content and delivery. Orai serves to supplement current sales training routines, thereby reducing costs and giving salespeople the confidence and skills necessary to close more business. We do this by exploring nuances and patterns in the users' real-time speech delivery, using cutting-edge deep-learning technologies to provide instant insights and actionable feedback.

How it works:

Receive instant results and feedback:


Be the best salesperson you can be.


Coming up with creative ideas is easy, selling them to strangers is hard. Orai can help you perfect your delivery so others can see the real value in your ideas! 


Filler words such as: I think, kind of, umm, like, or so, reduce the credibility of what you're saying. Orai can help you track and eliminate these unnecessary words!


Just a 10% increase in vocal variety is all it takes to increase your clients' attention, and in turn highly increase the impact of your pitch.


Speaking too fast is a sign of nervousness, thus making it hard for clients to think what you're saying is important.


Because what you say matters.


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